How to search for import used vehicles

Publised : November 21, 2013

How to search for import vehicles

Searching for a vehicle is very simple; if there is a particular type of vehicle you want to purchase such as a “hatchback” body type, most websites allow you to do this by having a search box which allows you to search by a vehicles body type so you can select the body type through what is typically a scroll down list. Body types you can commonly search by are: hatchback, coupé, sedan, or SUV – of course there are more types but these are just to name a few.

Another search feature allows you to search by the cars production year, which means you can search for a car that was produced in 1999 for example; if you like older generation cars, this allows you to easily narrow down your search for your particular generation of cars.

Finally you can search by the make and model, which means if you are looking for a select brand of car such as a Toyota you can narrow your search to show you just the Toyotas that are available for purchase from the import dealer. You can narrow this search further by looking for a specific Model such as the Toyota Hilux; this search will show you only the Toyota Hiluxs available for purchase from the dealers website.