Toyota hosts event to assist minority and women owned businesses

Publised : November 21, 2013

Toyota hosts event

Toyota has proven it is interested in more than just selling cars. In Plano Texas, U.S.A., the “Power Exchange of 2015” was held with the purpose of helping minority and women owned businesses. These two groups are often at a disadvantage in the business world. The Toyota’s North American headquarters will soon be moved from California to Texas. In anticipation of this move and in line with their pledge to diversity, they decided to lend a helping hand locally by pursuing minority and women business partners.


The event lasted for one day and provided networking opportunities as well as access to Toyota’s marketing, sales, and professional services. The event included a panel discussion that educated the guests on corporate policies and what Toyota expects from its business partners. Then they gave the attendees an opportunity do some networking themselves through a trade show. They were given a chance to interact with Toyota’s indirect Tier 1 suppliers. The companies explained what exactly they do and their contracting specifications.