Honda Fit – Car Reviews

Publised : November 21, 2013

Car reviews

Averaging 28 mpg for city driving and 35 mpg for highway driving, the Honda Fit is an excellent choice when it comes to fuel efficiency. Many appreciate its attractive exterior as well as a stylish and comfortable interior. With a hatchback design, it offers a roomy interior with plenty of space for cargo. The rear seats also fold down for more space. Many are surprised at just how much can fit into this seemingly small vehicle.

The Honda Fit has a four cylinder engine and is praised for being enjoyable to drive. It is light weight and can go from 0-60mph in less than 10 seconds. Buyers have the option of choosing between a five speed manual transmission or a five speed automatic transmission. The driver as well as passengers of a Honda Fit have great visibility of the road. With a tall roof and doors, many find it easy to get in and out of. The Honda Fit comes in front wheel drive or four wheel drive.

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