Honda vehicles popular with under 35s – Japanese car news

Publised : November 21, 2013

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Honda Accord and Honda Civic: The most popular choices for young buyers

Over the past 11 years, the Civic and Accord have been the most popular purchases for those under 35. From 2004 to 2014, they have sold over 1 million vehicles. This is more than any other two cars. Over the past 11 years, either the Civic or the Accord has maintained the #1 spot for having the most buyers under 35. Young buyers are drawn to the attractive appearance, affordability, fuel efficiency, and the well known longevity of these cars.

With the upcoming release of its all-new Civic, Honda hopes to continue to draw young customers. The new Civic was recently debuted at the New York International Auto Show. The 2015 Honda Civic ranks #4 out of 44 for affordable small cars. Young buyers will be attracted to the modern and more sporty design than previous models. The new Civic has great fuel consumption of 78.5 mpg. With a fast acceleration and quick steering, it is sure to be enjoyable to drive for Honda’s younger customers.

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