Toyota Hilux – Car Reviews

Publised : November 21, 2013

Car reviews

The Toyota Hilux is a spacious pick-up truck with a very generous amount of cargo space. Its very famous for its “indestructible” design – this has been tested and shown by the popular British TV series “Top Gear”, where the car was put through vigorous tests such as dropped from a building, hit with heavy demolition equipment, washed away by the sea, and stored on a building which was demolished; after all this abuse the Hilux was still able to work!

The Hilux is extremely reliable and very durable as stated above with its unbelievable achievement of surviving such vigorous tests. Toyota’s Hilux is one of the best pick-up trucks money can buy.


∙       Moderate performance

∙       Very reliable

∙       Very spacious

∙       Good equipment

∙       Good handling



∙       Only two airbags

∙       Not very refined (lots of wind and road noise)

∙       No Deadlocks

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