Nissan Cube – Car Reviews

Publised : November 21, 2013

Car reviews

Buyers of a Nissan Cube are often first attracted to its unique appearance. Its name is very fitting since it is in fact a “cube”. If you look at the rear, you will notice on one side the back window continues to wrap around the car. This unique feature allows for greater visibility, especially when backing up.

The Nissan Cube has much more to offer than just looks. Its cube shape allows for a roomy interior. The seats are comfortable with plenty of cushioning. There is plenty of legroom in both the front and the back seats. The boot of the car features a side opening door and a low floor to fit a lot of cargo.  The back seats fold down, allowing for a generous amount of cargo space.

Buyers appreciate the car’s precise steering that enables the driver to make tight turns and fit in tight parking spaces. With mood lighting and a rippling water effect on the ceiling, the interior design of the Cube is as whimsical as the exterior appearance.  Not known for its speed, the Cube is best suited for city diving. If you want a unique car that will turn heads, consider the Nissan Cube.

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