How to prepare your car for a long trip

Publised : November 21, 2013

How to prepare your car

When preparing or a long trip you are probably busy making various arrangements. Be sure to prepare your car as well. Since your car will likely be running for hours at a time, you need to make sure it is in good condition. You can start preparing your car a few weeks before you leave for your trip. Here are some things you should do:

- Get any repairs done. If you know of any repairs that need to be made, take care of those. Schedule a checkup to find out any other problems you need fixed.

-Check your tires. Start by checking the tire pressure. Double check what the pressure for your car should be in the user manual. Adjust if necessary. Check the tread on your tires. Make sure you have a spare tire and it is properly inflated and you have all of the tools to change a tire.

-Make sure you have your owner’s manual and registration. Don’t travel without these things.

-Check your battery to make sure it’s strong. Get a replacement if necessary.

-Check all fluids. This includes engine oil, windshield wiper fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid.

-Check the air filter to make sure it’s not clogged.