Toyota RAV4 – Car Reviews

Publised : November 21, 2013

Car reviews

The Toyota RAV4 is considered a “compact SUV” or a “crossover”.  Many people appreciate the affordability of this vehicle compared to larger SUVs. The newer RAV4 seats a maximum of five people instead of seven. This allows for a more roomy interior. Even though it is compact, it offers plenty of legroom in the front seat as well as in the back seats. There is plenty of space in the boot for cargo. The rear seats also fold down flat to allow for extra cargo space. It has a smooth and quiet ride, even on highways. The Toyota RAV4 is great for traveling and also has great fuel efficiency.

As far as safety goes, the RAV4 ranks high and is equipped with seven airbags. Buyers have the option of choosing between front wheel drive or all wheel drive. It has a tall ride height, great for driving on unpaved roads. The interior is made of good quality materials and has an attractive appearance.

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